Best Printer for Printing Menus

Restaurant or food bar owners are often required to change their menus and print new menus, leading to increased costs due to printing a second time every time the menus change. One long-term solution to reduce costs for this is to buy a printer that prints menus, which lets you alter the menu and prices as often as you’d like without stressing.

Best Printer for Printing Menus

Therefore, we have looked at the best Printer for printing menus for restaurants to simplify the process for you. Below are the best ten printing options to print menus, along with their primary attributes.

Check out the in-depth review of each article, including their answers to FAQs and the pros and cons, to select the right printer for your printing needs. Additionally, look at the buying guides to understand what to look for in the top printer for restaurant menus.

Is it worth investing in a printer for restaurants made explicitly for printing menus?

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution regarding restaurant printers specifically designed for the printing of menus because the price of each printer differs significantly.

If you’re in search of a printer that is capable of quality printing that is high-quality and has a wide array of options, it might be worth it to buy one. Certain features that could be crucial for you…

When selecting a restaurant printer, the ability to print various types of menus, customized logos, and graphics, as well as large printing sizes. Also, ensure that the selected printing device is compatible with multiple software programs, such as Adobe InDesign or Microsoft Word.

The final decision on whether or not you should buy a dedicated printer for restaurants depends on your requirements and your budget. Before purchasing a printer, research the various restaurant printers available on the market and decide which one is the best fit for your specific company.

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Top 5 Best Printers for Printing Menus

Top 5 Best Printers for Printing Menus

1. Canon Office and Business MX922

Canon’s MX922 wireless inkjet office printer was introduced in 2013 and is still in use. It’s the top duplex printer for under $350. Although the mid-priced printing market has been heating up in the past few years, with a variety of options from various brands,

This Canon printer is still beating the majority of the best models in this price range. What makes it among the top printers? Please read our article to know more about the device.

The Canon Pixma X922 Wireless Inkjet Office printer is one of the older printers that can do wireless printing. It’s still very efficient when using plain and photo papers, and it’s an ideal fit for small offices when you can get it for less than. Check out our Canon Pixma iX6820 test to find a smaller printer.

Speed speed of printing on this Canon printer could be better. With the optimized setting for quality, it can achieve as high as fifteen ISO PPM (Monochrome) and 10 ISO PPM (Color) from it. Although these speeds are higher than HP Officejet Wireless Refill k7V40A, which has 8.5 PPM monochrome and 6 PPM colors, they are overwhelmed with its Canon imageCLASS MF424dw, which is 20 PPM for color and 40 PPM for monochrome. The scanner is speedy and can scan a duplicate within minutes. More is needed for those who require high-volume printers. Consider the Brother HL-L2350DW, a compact monochrome laser printer, instead of this case.


The Canon Printer is extremely powerful and efficient ink, given its condition. The disappointing thing is that authentic Canon ink cartridges are expensive, which is why you could opt for the Epson WorkForce WorkForce WF-3540.

Additionally, if you can print a poster-size image on a standard printer like the one shown here, you’ll need it to be highly efficient.

Advanced Features

It’s a wireless printer that uses Wi-Fi. You can use Canon Print with the Canon Print app to print wirelessly on your mobile. It supports both Apple AirPrint and Google Cloud Print. You can also connect the printer to your computer using a USB cable. In addition, if you’ve ever contemplated, “Why won’t get my printer scan,” it could be a feature of the latest generation that isn’t available.

Print Quality

It’s a Canon printer, and the printing quality is excellent if you use compatible Canon printer cartridges. You can choose as high as 9600x2400DPI to print color prints. For scans, users can choose up to 4800 2400 DPI. The optical scanner is also able to support double-sided duplex document scanning. We recommend the Epson WorkFocrce ES400 printer that scans.


If you look at the information above, the price is that the Canon X922 Wireless Inkjet Office printer is decent if you can get it at an affordable price. You could also examine the less expensive Brother MFC-J880DW model if you do not find it.

Canon MX922 Wrap Up

Overall, the Canon MX922 wireless inkjet printer has proven significant even in 2020. If you can locate it for less than $350, you could go with it.


  • It is elementary to swap ink cartridges and paper.
  • Fantastic output
  • Highly reliable
  • Print on the thickest cardstock
  • The front drawer opens automatically upon printing


  • Large-sized

2. Canon PIXMA TR4520

The Canon PIXMATR4520 is a best Printer for printing menus, It is a compact inkjet printer with a flatbed scanner and automated document feeder. Besides scanning and printing jobs, it can also transmit faxes and perform automated duplex printing. It is an excellent printer for photos. Quality since images is crisp and sharp with just a bit of banding in the grayscale and accurate colors.

While the printer’s body seems solid, the design makes getting access to jammed papers difficult, as you’ll need to turn it over or take off the back cover while the printer is in operation to remove the jams. As with other compact printers that are available, this printer has a low yield on color and black-only documents and a slow print speed. Although the cartridges for ink are reasonably priced, you’ll need to replace them, which means a significant cost-per-print regular.

While the Canon PIXMATR4520 is designed for home offices, there are better choices than this one. It’s not an excellent page yield in both color, and black documents, and the cost per print, is relatively high since you’ll need to replace cartridges more often. The printing speed is slow, and the design makes it challenging to access jammed paper since you’ll need to flip the machine to its side or pull it out of the back of the printer to reach the jams.

Differences Between Sizes And Variants

The Canon PIXMATR4520 is available in two colors which are black and white. There’s also another variant named the Canon PIXMA T4527 that appears identical. However, it is sold only in Canada. We have tested the white model and anticipate our results to be the same for all versions.

Compared To Other Printers

The Canon PIXMA TR4520 printer is like other all-in-one budget printers specifically designed for homes and offices. It can perform basic printing and scanning tasks, transmit faxes, and has an Ethernet connection. While it has good color precision and excellent photo printing capabilities, the low page yield means you’ll have to purchase cartridges every so often.


Canon rates its TR4520 as 8.8 pages per minute (ppm) for monochrome pages and five ppm for color pages, which is not the same as HP 3830 (8.5 ppm). HP 3830 (8.5ppm) is the lowest speed rating for printing I have heard of. I tried the TR4520 using USB using our standard Intel Core i5-equipped testbed computer running Windows 10 Professional. This TR4520 produced our 12-page Microsoft Word test document at the speed of 8.5ppm. This is slower than any other printer in this list.

Then I printed a set of highly complicated colors Acrobat, Excel, and PowerPoint business documents that consisted mainly of embedded images and embedded graphics as well as combined those results with the ones of printing the text document from the previous test, which gave me an average of 4.5ppm for the complete suite. This score is lower than the TR7520 by only 0.2 ppm and is 0.1 ppm more efficient than the Brother MFC-J497DW. It is 1.9ppm more than the OfficeJet 3830 and 2.9ppm less than the Brother WF-2860.

The TR4520 also printed our 4-by-6-inch test images in an average of 58 seconds. This was in the middle of the road (and in line with G4520). G4520) in this class of low-end AIOs.

Printing Companion

The Canon Pixma T4520 is a low-volume printer, which is more apparent than its astronomically high running costs, tiny paper input tray, and slow printing speeds. The thing it has to offer, however, is a high-quality print with voice-controlled printing, the capability to edit images using your mobile device, and also automatic two-sided printing, which is different from what is shown at this price point.

If you print less than 100 pages per month, the high operating costs will be pretty much the same. Suppose you’re looking for something other than the top quality of your photos or the automatic duplexing you get with the TR4520 and want to save money on consumables. The Brother MFC-J497DW and the Epson WF-2860 are good alternatives that won’t hurt your pocket as much in the long run. (If you’re printing many pages a month, it’s best to spend more upfront for models like the PixmaG4210, which will cost significantly less later on.) The TR4520 is an ideal printer to use for low-duty at home.


  • Great print quality
  • Small footprint
  • Produces sharp colors
  • It doesn’t require much power when it is left on


  • Utilizes ink quickly
  • It could jam occasionally

Canon Pixma T4520 can be described as an all-purpose printer that can be used in multiple ways. Consider this printer if you require scanning, copying, and faxing in addition to printing menus for restaurants.

3. Canon Pixma MG3620

Being among the smallest expensive printers on the market, it is a good choice for budget-conscious buyers. Canon Pixma MG3620 fills a need for people whose primary goal is to have an affordable printer capable of printing.

It could be better in some metrics. However, its text quality, usability, and printing capabilities for photos are superior to the norm. The main drawbacks of the MG3620 are its operating expenses and printing speed, which both failed to meet our standards and dragged the overall score down a lot compared to other top home printers we evaluated. In the end, it’s a cheap device that works well; however, it’s challenging to be recommended due to its expensive operating and estimated lifetime cost. This is the best Printer for printing menus.

Editor’s Note: We revised this review of the Canon Pixma Model MG3620 at the end of June 2022, offering an honest assessment of the product’s value and suggestions for comparable models that might better meet your budget and needs.

The Canon Pixma MG3620 is an appealing package. On the one hand, the price of its purchase at first is very affordable and will draw lots of attention from prospective buyers who are just looking to buy a printer and think little about the performance. On the other hand, the low cost of the initial purchase is an unintentional disguise, attracting consumers away from it being true that cartridges can be costly for the number of pages you can print per refill. Furthermore, the lifetime cost of ownership is extremely high compared to some of the more expensive printers available. It’s a decent performer for its primary functions. However, deciding who can be the most valuable from this printer takes work.


The MG3620 was average in this measurement. We observed consistently high-quality text, but we noticed some fuzziness and faintness when printing thinner font sizes. Overall, it was a decent performance for such a cheap printer. You can get superior text quality and overall performance from the other top-rated home printers we offer for much less If you intend to keep the printers for a while.

Operating Cost

This is one of the major drawbacks that come with the MG3620. Each one hundred pages in black and white print will cost around $19. This amounts to $52.75 for a ream of slightly higher high-quality text prints. For example, the most economical printer we have in our lineup could print the same number of pages at $1.33 for a ream. And it’s rated similarly on the text quality, nearly 40 times the price for the same print quality. The MG3620’s cost for color per ream could be better, costing around $69.42.

While the initial price is very cheap, the estimated cost of living is among the most expensive printers we evaluated, costing about $905 over three years. Even the most expensive printers in our selection have a higher cost-to-value ratio when you plan to own the machine for a couple of years.

Ease of Use

This is another area in which the MG3620 had a difficult time. The initial setup is simple, and we haven’t had any issues; downloading the right software can be an expensive time-sink. The Canon site is easy to navigate, though it is slow.

The issue lies in the printer’s absence of an onboard display or lighting to show what kind of problem is happening. So, whenever there’s a problem, you must take the manual out and use the mobile app to figure out what’s wrong and how to solve it. Therefore, although the general ease of set-up and use is acceptable, There are some critical time sinks you should consider when owning this machine.


The MG3620 was good in this measurement. The images are subtle in their striping, but overall the color display is excellent, and it has the appearance of a variety of textures. Graphics for business are amazing, with vibrant colors, sharp text, and only a few dots of striping occasionally.

The overall resolution of the image was a bit, and it had decent clarity. There was some confusion where the color display needed to be more accurate, and the quality of color was affected by a faint pink tint in lighter hues and noticeable striping in darker colors. For a price of less than $100, the printer MG3620 performs better than we expected in this measurement.

Printing Speed

The MG3620’s performance could have been better, which led to it being the slowest of our line-up. Although the printing quality is acceptable, the MG3620 took little time to print out prints. A nine-page mixed document with text and photos took 30 minutes to print, and high-resolution photographs required 88 seconds each, while it took five hours to print a 10-page duplex document and two hours to print a 10-page simplex document.

Should You Buy the Canon Pixma MG3620?

The Canon Pixma MG3620 has one of the lowest purchase prices of any printer we have tested and performs well. However, its operating costs are incredibly high, and it is difficult to recommend to anyone outside who does not print anything.

What Other Printers Should You Consider?

Beyond the initial low purchase price, other printers in our selection have improved over time, even at a lower cost. If you don’t want color printing, The monochrome Brother L2300D is an excellent option for a low cost. However, you’ll spend better on the Brother MFC J4335DW; it is a model with the best price and performance combination.


  • It is a straightforward set-up
  • Best Value
  • Compact
  • Versatile
  • Prints quicker


  • A little noisy when printing

4. Canon TS5120

Canon’s TS5120 printer is an integrated wireless printer that measures 16.8-inch wide, 14.2-inch depth and 5.8-inch height. Canon TS5120 is the best Printer for printing menus,

The best printer for restaurant menus weighs 14.3 pounds. And can scan, print and copy.

It also supports Bluetooth, wireless Bluetooth, USB cable connections, Google Cloud Print, Mopria Print Service, PIXMA Cloud Link, PictBridge, Canon Print, and AirPrint for printing directly from your tablet or mobile phone as well as your laptop, desktop, or.

It’s a small printer with an Auto-off feature, which helps to reduce energy and time to turn the printer off or on. When you hit the printing button, the printer automatically turns on to print high-quality images.

Print photographs and documents using this printer with the finest combination of ink. Additionally, it comes with XL cartridges that increase the number of pages.

Canon TS5120 is a powerful working printer that can also scan and copy. This might be a perfect choice if you’re searching for a printer that is easy to operate from your mobile device.


  • Efficient
  • Solid in design
  • Good quality
  • Pretty quiet


  • Ink can be expensive

5. Canon PIXMA TS5320

Canon, The PIXMA TS5320, is an all-in-one wireless printer that measures 12.5-inch length, 15.9-inch depth, and 5.9-inch height.

This top printer for Restaurant menus weighs 17.26 pounds, and it can print, scan and copy.

Furthermore, it is compatible with wireless and USB cable connectivity, in addition to Google Cloud Print, Mopria Print Service, Canon Print, Easy-PhotoPrint Editor App, In Print App, and AirPrint for printing directly from your tablet/mobile device as well as your laptop, desktop or.

It’s a 2-cartridge fine ink hybrid printer that produces clear text and vivid colors of menus for restaurants, making it appear attractive to your clients.

Print on a variety of sizes of media with this printer. You can also print using voice-activated printing.

Canon, the PIXMA TS5320, is an excellent printer ideal for printing restaurant menus. This is why you should think about buying this printer.


  • Superb print quality
  • Its app is simple to use
  • It is easy to connect
  • Large ink tanks are included.


  • It could be a bit challenging to setup

How do you choose the best Printer for printing menus?

The demand for restaurant printers has been increasing. Therefore, if you’re uncertain about purchasing the ideal printer for restaurant menus, take a look at our suggestions in the following paragraphs:

Rugged Construction

There’s always a buzz and hustle in the kitchen of a restaurant. In particular, during peak hours, the kitchen is messy and chaotic. The kitchen staff must perform their work quickly since they must make orders on time.

Ultimately, they need to be more secure regarding the items they utilize at home. There are a variety of delicate objects that are placed in the kitchen. Printers are one of them. If you’re quick, you might hit it and cause cracks. When you are buying an appliance for your kitchen, please take into consideration that is its durability and functioning capabilities. It is required to stand up to any condition.

Multiple Connectivity Options

If you are looking for uninterrupted service at a restaurant, don’t be restricted by connectivity problems. You should purchase an ideal printer for printing menus when setting up the restaurant’s equipment and other equipment.

In this case, consider printing with various connectivity options. It allows users to connect via USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and numerous other possibilities. These printers ensure you can utilize them at a restaurant without worrying about connectivity issues.

Easy Software Integration

Integration with software is an essential element to think about when it comes to restaurant printers. Everyone is rushing to address integration issues or solve problems in today’s fast-paced world. Therefore, when shopping for the ideal printer for restaurant menus, be sure to purchase a printer that supports an easy-to-use setup.

Printing with technical support is essential and should be the first consideration when choosing the right printer.

Internal power supply

When you work, the batteries go low, and your printer will shut down. Your work will be delayed, so printing with an internal power source works best. When you are in a hectic routine, it is possible to overlook connecting the printer’s wire.

So it is crucial to choose a printer that includes an internal power source and doesn’t shut down itself when it isn’t connected to the socket.

Front-loading design

For crowded restaurants and other establishments, it is essential to have the right printer that is efficient and makes the process of changing paper more convenient for workers. In this regard, one should choose a printer with front-loading capabilities and superior to those without. They are designed for ease of maintenance and enable users to gain quick access to changing paper by offering an easy loading.

Reliable Yet Stylish Design

A long-lasting printer with an aesthetically pleasing design should be considered. Visually, the sleek, modern, and modern design printers also gained consumers’ attention. Also, be sure you purchase one that works in the kitchen.

Printing and loading paper

If your printer has stopped printing because of an overwhelming amount of papers and you are worried, you should not panic. This creates clutter in the kitchen.

The ease of loading paper and printing is essential to working in the evenings and during off hours. Paper jamming can impact many aspects and ruin the reputation of a restaurant because it is a reason why staff cannot deliver customers their orders on time. In such situations, the printer that operates well is preferred over other printers.

Final Verdict

It is essential to pick the most reliable printer for restaurant menus for your restaurant to run smoothly. Our review has been an excellent aid to you in making an informed selection.

We recommend Canon printers, among the best-chosen ones you could think about purchasing if you’re struggling to decide since it prints on cardstock, which is the ideal paper for restaurant menus.

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