How to Print Logo on Box?

Boxes are part of any product, and the primary purpose of it is to hold the products safely. The boxes can be of different shapes and sizes, but the goal is the same in all cases. So, when it comes to printing the logos on the boxes, it is a must-do task.

Printing is a simple task, and you can do it without help. You don’t need a printer to print the logos on the boxes. With a laser printer, you can print the symbols on the boxes.

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How to Print Logo on Box?

How to Print Logo on Box?

Here is how you can print the logos on the boxes:

1. Select the size of the box

The first thing that you need to know is the box size. It is essential to choose the correct size of the box. If you select a bigger size, then it will take more ink to print the logo. But if you choose a smaller size, it will take less ink.

2. Choose the paper size

The next thing is to select the paper size. If you choose a paper size of A3, it will take less ink.

3. Select the resolution

If you use a laser printer, you will have to select the resolution. To do this, you need to adjust the resolution.

4. Set the color mode

The color mode refers to the color of the text. If you are using CMYK, you must set the color mode.

5. Print the logos

Now, it is time to print the logos. If you use a laser printer, you will need to set the color mode. You can also use a color inkjet printer to print the logos.

6. Place the box

Once the logo is printed, you must place the box on the printer. The printer will be ready to receive the ink.

I hope you liked this about how to print logos on boxes. If you need more information about printing, you can contact us. We will be glad to provide you with the relevant information.

Tips To Increase Your Carton Printing Quality

5 Tips To Increase Your Carton Printing Quality

Everyone loves to have good printing, and the quality of the prints will play a vital role in making your business successful. If you want to increase the quality of the images, then you need to pay attention to some of the best tips.

The first and foremost thing you need to keep in mind is the quality of the paper used in the printing process. You can find a variety of documents, but the best thing is that you can also use cartons. Because of its quality, you can get high-quality prints from it.

Here are the five practical tips for printing on cartons.

Use quality cartons

It is a common thing for people to use recycled paper for printing purposes. But that is the wrong thing to do because of the quality of the article. Use quality cartons, which will increase the prints’ overall quality.

Make a template

You will get high-quality prints if you will make a template and try to put the same on the carton. But make sure you are using a carton of the same size, as it will give you the correct result.

Choose the correct type of ink.

Using the wrong ink will not give you the desired results, so make sure you choose the correct ink. Make sure you have tried different types of ink and finally get the best results.

Use the best kind of printer.

A printer is a device that will help you to print your designs on the cartons. Different kinds of printers are available, and you will get the best results if you choose the right type of printer.

I hope these tips will help you to increase the quality of the prints. The best thing about these tips is that you will get a variety of designs and a better look if you use the cartons.

How to Print On Cartons?

How to Print On Cartons?

The paper industry is quite competitive. Many companies are trying to beat each other by developing better ideas and products. To do this, they must innovate and improve the current technology in the paper industry. One of the most common innovations in the paper industry is paper cartons. They are used for packaging and selling products.

Paper cartons are available in many different shapes and sizes. They are available in various types, like corrugated paper, carton board, or cardboard.

There are many benefits of using paper cartons. Let’s check them out:

1. Lightweight

Most of the cartons are made of lightweight materials. This makes them easy to carry and store. You can use less space for storing and transporting them.

2. Durable

The paper is durable and resistant to tear and wear. They are solid and can be used for a long time.

3. Simple to use

The paper cartons are very simple to use. You don’t need any tools to open them. All you need is a knife and a hammer.

4. Easy to clean

Because the paper is lightweight and durable, you can easily clean it. You must soak it in hot water and then rub it with soap. You can also use a vacuum cleaner to suck the dust particles.

5. Low cost

These are the most affordable paper products that you can find. They are easy to produce and can be printed at a low cost.

If you are looking for a durable and versatile paper product that you can use for packaging and selling the products, then you must use paper cartons.

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