How to Remove Sublimation Print From Shirt?

Sublimation printing is a beneficial technology. When you buy something in a shop, there is a good chance that they are using the best sublimation printers to produce their items. Sublimation printing has become quite popular because it delivers high-quality prints on many fabrics, including cotton, silk, and polyester. This post will discuss how to remove sublimation print from a shirt. 

One problem with sublimation printing is that it can leave behind a stain when removed. This happens most often when you try to wash your item by hand. If you’re not careful, you may accidentally rub off the print.

Thankfully, there is a way to solve this problem. This post will teach you how to remove sublimation prints from shirts using simple methods. We will also show you which products work best and what you should look for when buying them.

How to Remove Sublimation Print From Shirt?

How to Remove Sublimation Print From Shirt?

If you want to change your clothes daily and look for a new fashion trend, there is a very famous thing that has caught everyone’s attention and is called sublimation printing.”

This is an advanced technology, and it will provide you with a perfect clothing solution in one click. You need to upload your images to this website; that is all you will get as the output.

Here I will tell you the best way to deal with sublimation prints.

How do prevent sublimation prints?

First, don’t wear old t-shirts or dresses, because they may cause damage to your original designs. Secondly, avoid wearing a white background before the camera and choose something bright and colorful.

What are the benefits of sublimation printing?

What are the benefits of sublimation printing?

It will save time and money; you can easily find the perfect design for your wardrobe. Moreover, it is eco-friendly, and it is 100% safe. Finally, it will keep your image away from fading, so now you won’t have to worry about any unwanted color changes.

If you follow the tips mentioned above, your sublimation print won’t be a problem anymore, and you can continue enjoying the latest fashion trends. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try it today!

We all love to wear clothes that make us look stylish, but sometimes, it becomes impossible to get rid of the sublimation printing. Sublimation is a technique used by printers that involves heating the material to a specific temperature to create an image.

This process is viral among retailers who use this method for creating their designs on T-shirts. This kind of design will last longer than other types of prints, but some people don’t like this type as they find it annoying and difficult to wash.

If you want to remove these images from your clothing, follow the steps below.

1. You must place the item in a plastic bag and keep it at room temperature for 24 hours or until the image disappears.

2. After keeping it at room temperature, you can put it under running water and squeeze out any excess moisture before drying.

3. If the above step didn’t work, you can try ironing it with a high heat setting. But be careful while doing so because it will melt the adhesive holding the print on the garment.

4. Avoid using bleach to remove such images because it may damage the fabric.

5. Don’t try to dry clean the item because the chemicals used by cleaners might destroy the ink and cause fading of the design.

6. Use a steamer if you don’t have access to a washing machine. It won’t harm your shirt and is quite effective in removing stains.

7. Remove the printing by soaking the t-shirt in hot water for 5 minutes and leaving it until the image fades.

8. Finally, wash it according to the instructions of your detergent.

9. Once done, remove the design from the shirt using a steam iron.

10. Iron it gently and set the temperature to low.

11. You need to take care of the front side of the tee, as it is prone to getting wrinkled more easily.

12. Fold the hem inwardly and smooth it down with a pressing cloth.

13. Repeat the same process for the backside too.

14. After that, hang up the item to dry.

15. Take it off the hanger and store it in your closet or drawer.

How to Do a Sublimation Print?

How to Do a Sublimation Print

Making a sublimated item is not complicated; anyone can make one at home. Sublimation printing has become quite popular as it saves time, money, and effort. For instance, when you want to buy a new pair of pants or dress online but don’t know where to find the perfect fit.

The best thing about this technique is that you will get an exact match no matter what fabric you use. Nothing is better than the result, which looks exactly like your picture. In short, you will never go wrong with the results obtained through this method.

What are the things required for a successful sublimation?

Different types of fabrics are available in the market today, so it is essential to choose the right kind of fabric. Here I will give some basic details on the materials and techniques used to make a good quality sublimated product.

Fabric selection

You can either select the material according to your budget or try to experiment and come up with your idea. If you have no idea, purchasing a ready-made item is better than creating something yourself. You may start by selecting cotton, polyester, nylon, rayon, spandex, lycra, fleece, velvet, etc.

Choose the correct size.

When it comes to clothes, there are many sizes available in the market today. You must choose the right one based on your body measurements.


After choosing the right type of fabric, it is time to stitch the item. When stitching, you need to take care of all the necessary steps. To avoid mistakes while sewing, you can use a sublimation machine to ensure everything goes well.

How to make sublimated items at home?

How to make sublimated items at home?

To make the process easier, I have shared some valuable tips to help you.

First of all, if you don’t know what you want to create, you must think about the theme or the concept behind it. Then you will get ideas regarding its design. After this step, you will decide on the fabric that suits the project best.

Next, you can make a sketch of the piece and draw the outlines on a large sheet of paper. Once satisfied with the outcome, you can proceed to cutting and assembling.


It takes several months to learn how to do a sublimation print for most people. After that, you must practice on different substrates and understand how the printing process works. So, I suggest starting with a cheap material like paper and building it up to a more expensive substrate. You won’t get a perfect result straight away. The first prints will look bad, then you will improve, and you will eventually achieve great results.

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