How to Unclog Sublimation Printer?

Sublimation printing is becoming increasingly popular due to its high-quality output and affordability. But, if you want to know more about sublimation printing! Here we will guide you on how to get bright sublimation prints.

Sublimation printing has many uses, including making custom T-shirts. This method can save you a whole bunch of money because you won’t need to spend as much on materials. It’s also great to create unique designs that others will love!

How to Unclog Sublimation Printer?

How to Unclog Sublimation Printer?

This is the most common question asked by people who have just purchased a sublimation printer. To keep your machine in top condition, it’s recommended that you clean it after every use. Various cleaning agents are available on the market, but they won’t harm your machine if you use something homemade.

So, here I am going to give some useful tips to clean your machine so you can enjoy your prints for longer. But, first, you should follow these steps to eliminate clogging problems.

Remove the ink cartridge.

Please take out the ink cartridge and put it somewhere safe. Make sure that the lid remains open until you finish the task. Don’t forget to remove all the plastic parts before returning the cartridge.

Clean the head area

The sublimation printer has a thermal sensor inside, which helps the printer heat up the ink. This heated ink will transfer the image from the paper to the printed material. But if you don’t clean it properly, then it may cause blockage to your printer. So, firstly, wipe it with a dry cloth. After that, spray water directly on the sensor.

Clean the rollers

After completing step 2, you need to clean the printer roller. Just take a piece of a cotton swab and rub it gently on the rollers. Then, let the ink fall and wipe the entire surface using a dry cotton ball.

Clear the filter

Finally, clear the filter, which is located between the printer’s printing chamber and the fan. It will help to avoid any obstructions in the airflow. If you have found anything stuck there, remove it.

Benefits of Using Sublimation Printer

Benefits of Using Sublimation Printer

To create beautiful prints, there are other benefits to using this technique. For example, it allows you to print multiple colors without problems easily. As long as you have different ink cartridges for each color, you should be able to achieve a variety of colors with ease.

As another benefit, you can use this type of printing whenever you want. You don’t have to wait until your design is complete before starting your project. The only thing you’ll need to do is load the ink cartridge with your preferred colors and then start printing.

Sublimation printers are very useful devices that come in handy when printing your photos in different sizes or colour patterns. In addition, they are accommodating in customized printing items like T-shirts, hats and many other things. You have to fill up the form, choose what you want to print and where, and wait for a few days until your order gets printed and delivered to your doorstep.

What Should You Do When You Find That the Prints Aren’t Clear?

What Should You Do When You Find That the Prints Aren’t Clear?

The problem arises when you find that the prints aren’t clear and they cannot distinguish between black and white, you might think of giving it another try, but there is no point as it will cost you a lot more. In such situations, people start looking for ways through which they can fix this issue.

If you are facing the same problem, don’t worry; here are some tips you can follow.

Use high-quality inkjet cartridges.

This is the most crucial tip for using sublimation printers. The reason is that you can get the best results by using these types of inks.

Change your settings

There are two options available in the menu of the sublimation printer, namely the resolution and the coloring style. Make sure you have selected the right one so you don’t waste much money on the blank space.

Try to keep the temperature constant.

Always ensure that you keep the temperature of the sublimation printer within the given range. This will save you time and effort. Do not touch the heated plate.

Clean your printer regularly.

It would help if you cleaned your sublimation printers every week or fortnightly. After cleaning it, wash it well to remove all the dust particles inside the machine.

If you are looking for an ideal solution for printing photos or any other images on T-shirts, jackets, bags, hoodies, posters, etc., you must buy a good quality inkjet photo printer. Sublimation printers are one device that will help you print unique designs on your products.


It could be the temperature setting on your computer, software settings in the printing program, print mode, paper size, or any other factors that affect the quality and speed at which your prints come out. But, again, we would recommend contacting us via email so we can help you determine what’s causing the problem.

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