What Is a Sublimation Printer for T-shirts?

Sublimation printers work just like regular inkjet printers, except that the temperature at which these prints dry is much higher than other printing methods. When you use a sublimation printer to print on a piece of clothing or material, all the heat transfers an image directly into your surface, and you’ll never see those tiny dots again.

However, this method is more expensive because it uses a different process requiring higher temperatures. Sublimation printers work differently than laser printers; most offset presses do not even use this technology.

This technique works because the printer’s heating element melts a coating of wax onto the paper and then uses the melted wax to fuse the image to your surface. In addition to transferring the image, the heat helps remove the excess ink and wax so the design will be visible longer.

What Is a Sublimation Printer for T-shirts

What Is a Sublimation Printer for T-shirts

Sublimation printing for T-Shirts has become popular as it helps create unique shirt designs. The process involves transferring the design onto fabric using heat rather than ink or dye. There are many types of printers available in the market, such as thermal, direct, and inkjet, but the best option is the laser which is very easy to use with multiple features.

Sublimation is a technique used to create high-quality prints of images on shirts. This method creates an image using heat and transfers it to the cloth. This is different from traditional printing, where the color is fixed on paper and printed on clothes.

There are various reasons why you might want to consider having your shirt printed. Some people like wearing a beautifully designed tee; others might be looking for something more functional, especially if they are working out. Whatever the reason may be, you should know about how sublimation works before you go ahead and purchase one.

What does sublimation mean?

What does sublimation mean?

The word ‘sublime’ refers to the power of God, so when it comes to sublimation, it means that the object being heated gets converted into a gas. When the heat is applied to the surface, the molecules break away from their original state and form a thin film of gases on top of the surface. This process is called sublimation.

What happens during the process of sublimation printing?

During the sublimation printing process, there are three distinct phases:

Preparation phase

The design must be drawn on a computer and saved in the desired format in this phase. It is also advisable to save the file in a higher resolution than the printer can handle.

Heat transfer stage

After drawing the pattern, it is necessary to print the image onto a particular type of heat-sensitive paper. The heat will then convert the image into a high-quality dye.

Drying stage 

Once the design has been printed on the paper, the fabric needs to be subjected to heat for 10 minutes to dry completely.

When you use a laser or sublimation printer, you must choose the right type of paper. There are two types of printing papers:

Transfer paper

This is used to make the design permanent.

Non-transfer paper 

This cannot be transferred directly from the inkjet and thermal printer. You have to stick the non-transfer paper to your garment first.

Why do you need sublimation printing?

Why do you need sublimation printing?

There are multiple reasons why people consider getting a t-shirt printed using sublimation printing. Some of these include the following:

If you want to print your unique designs on your T-shirts, then you must try out this unique technology which allows you to do so easily without spending much money. Sublimation or direct thermal printers allow you to create your design, and you don’t even require an expensive printing machine.

The benefits of using a sublimation printer for T-shirt printing

Sublimation printers are mainly used to print on cotton fabric and can work with fabrics such as polyester, satin, nylon, and spandex. But the main reason why people prefer these types of prints is that they don’t fade and retain their quality even after several washes.

A most important feature of the sublimation printer

This is one of the most beneficial features, making sublimation printing more popular than others. With sublimation printing, you will get high-quality results within a brief period. You need to upload your desired designs on the website and then download it immediately. map? is it issue

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